Complementary Courses & Electives

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Please note that course information reflects the 2019-2020 (in-person) school year and COVID-19 has likely affected these curricula.




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ANAT 321: Circuitry of the Human Brain

  • Taught by David Ragsdale who taught part of PHGY 209, who is the best! He is literally the best human being.

  • Questions are straightforward and unlike most PHGY profs he is not trying to trick you

  • Makes anatomy (boring) fun and interesting!

  • Hard to get into the course, easier if you have advanced standing/credits

  • Sometimes Dr. Ragsdale will let people into the course who attend initial lectures even though they aren't registered. Go to the first lecture or two and see if he mentions anything!

  • Midterm exam 35%

  • Final exam 55%

  • Reading assignments 3%

  • Final written assignment (short) 2%

PHAR 599/598 D1/D2: Pharmacology Research Project

  • A good way to develop skills in independent learning

  • Looks amazing on grad school and medical school applications

  • Generally the course administrators are very low-key and flexible

  • No mandatory lectures unlike some other honors research courses

  • Need to be an independent learner/self motivated

  • Supervisor 30%

  • Abstract (1 page) 10%

  • Progress report (1page) 10% • Manuscript 35%

  • Oral presentation 15%

PATH 300: Human Disease

  • Doctor stuff!! You get to learn about pathophysiology of different diseases.

  • Although the content is interesting the teaching could be old school and a little dry

  • Buy NTC or take DETAILED notes if this course is taught by Dr. Zorychta.

  • Midterm 35% (usually online)

  • Final 65%

BIOT 505: Selected Topics in Biotechnology

  • A chill class to take and only one lecture every week, guest lectures from different lifesci departments

  • Hard to get in unless you are in biotech minor

  • Email course coordinator if you are not in biotech minor (simply switching on minerva doesn’t work)

  • Quizzes and term paper




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CCOM 314: Communicating Science

  • Class consists of lectures with in-class discussions and easy assignments

  • Easy and fun! Take it seriously your writing will improve as well

  • Lots of writing

  • Multiple writing assignments in class, no exams

CHEM 183 World of Chemistry: Drugs

  • Easy and interesting!

  • Total bird class

  • Long lectures if you’re attending in person 1x a week in the evening

  • Watch the lectures at home on 3x speed

  • Two midterms and a final, non cumulative!

OR CHEM 181: World of Chemistry: Food (same thing, pretty much, just with food)

  • The professors are super cool

        PPHS 511: Fundamentals of Global Health

        • The professor is AMAZING: he’s passionate about teaching, flexible with due dates, and just overall a super great man

        • Exams are super straightforward

        • No final

        • a LOT of readings, which are covered in the exam, but they can be interesting as well

        • Do the readings & watch the assigned videos

        • 3 midterms 33%