Peer Mentorship Program (PUMP)

PUMP stands for Pharmacology Undergraduate Mentorshship Program. This program is designed to match younger pharmacology students with an older pharmacology mentor. The goal of PUMP is to help orient new students with older students who may be able to give them advice, feedback, or just generally be an open ear. Programs like PUMP are particularly important this year during online learning, as many students, both older and younger, may be craving more meaningful relationships with others in the program. PUMP events are held throughout the year and are centered around fun, casual activities like PowerPoint parties or trivia nights. Pump events are open to all, even if you are not engaged in the program yourself. Fill out the form below if you are interested in being either a mentor or a mentee and we will be in touch shortly!



How will I know who my mentor/mentee is? PILS will send you an email with the contact information of your mentor or your mentee.

Do I have to be in a lower year to be a mentee? No, anyone can request a mentor!

Do I have to be in an upper year to be a mentor? Yes, we ask that our mentors are U2s and U3s.

Is there a deadline to sign up for this program? No! We take applicants all year round and are always happy to have new participants.

How are PUMP events communicated? Our VP academic will send out emails reminding pump participants of events. Usually, Facebook events are also made in order to broadcast events to non-PUMP members, too!

I signed up for this program but have not heard from my mentor or my mentee. What should I do? Check your email’s junk folder is nothing is in your main inbox! sometimes our emails get lost. If you still have not received any word, you can be in touch with the VP academic and they will do their best to connect you